Monday, 8 August 2011

London Riots - The Olympic Games is a provocative obscenity

London's burning. At least parts of it have been.

And the forthcoming Olympic Games is burning bright in the imaginations of the British media.

So far at least, I have heard nothing in the media about the spending of billions on a mere sporting event as being a provocation.

But is it?

People like Seb Coe can wet themselves with excitement, no doubt.

But what message does the Olympic indulgence send to the poorer communities of London?

One message is that the ego of Seb Coe and his ilk is much more important to the powerful of this country than they, mere poor human beings, are.

The desires of an athletic few are indulged.

The needs of the poorer, deprived masses are ignored.

The "natural naziism" of David Cameron and those who preceded him is grotesquely expressed.

In my mind the Olympic Games of 2012 are an obscenity.

No, don't worry. I haven't been rioting and I won't be. But that doesn't make the Olympic Games any less obscene as a way to spend public money.

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