Monday, 8 August 2011

London Riots - The "mindless" commentary from senior politicians

One of the most shameful aspects of the reaction among politicians to the disturbances in London is the repetitive and vacuous use of the term "mindless" to refer to those taking part in the riots.

Contrary to the lies peddled by people like Nick Clegg and Simon Hughes in the media the participants in the riots are not "mindless".

They are angry and they are alienated from a corrupt and dishonest political system in the United Kingdom.

Alienated from a corrupt political system whose self-indulgence leads it to spend billions on a mere sporting event while ignoring the much more basic needs of their fellow human beings.

Yes, Mr Clegg, the poor, alienated black youth are human beings.

They are angry at a corrupt, dishonest and racist Metropolitan Police Service.

It's all very well for people like Clegg and Hughes to pontificate about how things are "better" than in the 1980s (when racist Police thuggery was rife in London).

Tell that to a black kid searched for the umpteenth time.

Does he think "Oh, it's much better than 20 years ago. Back then I'd have been beaten up too."

I don't think so.

He is outraged by repeated, casual Police racism.

As the Chinese curse apocryphally says, "We live in interesting times.".

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