Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Lockerbie Disaster and Conspiracy - What did the Thatcher Government know and when?

Today the Telegraph published evidence adding to the view that the Lockerbie bombing had nothing to do with Libya but was, in fact, an atrocity carried out on behalf of Iran.

See Lockerbie bombing 'was the work of Iran, not Libya'

The new evidence in the Telegraph adds weight to the belief that Iran was the instigator of the Lockerbie bombing in retaliation for the US Navy downing an Iranian airliner earlier in 1988.

If it is true that Libya had nothing to do with the Lockerbie bombing what does it say about the safety of the conviction of Abdel-Basset al Megrahi?

What does it say about British justice? In particular, what does it say about Scottish justice?

What does it say about the Thatcher government?

Did anyone in the Thatcher government know that, in effect, Libya was being "fitted up" with respect to the Lockerbie bombing?

Did the intelligence services know? And when?

And what did they tell Government ministers?

These and other questions about possible Government, judicial and prosecutorial wrongdoing won't go away.

And what about Dumfries and Galloway Police? What did they know?

It isn't only the Police that are cheating us, although The Police are cheating us too.