Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Phone Hacking - Will the Leveson Inquiry be more trustworthy and competent than the Hutton Inquiry?

There are many good reasons for calling into question the integrity and competence of the Hutton Inquiry, not least that it failed both to identify the murder of Dr. David Kelly and the seeming criminal conspiracy to take the United Kingdom to war in Iraq.

I continue to blog on both the preceding failures of the Hutton Inquiry on my Chilcot's Cheating Us blog.

The naive assumption permeating the media is that the upcoming Leveson Inquiry will be characterised by both integrity and competence.

Given the failures of the Hutton Inquiry, such optimistic assumptions about the Leveson Inquiry may prove to be ill-founded.

Giving the glaring failings of the Hutton Inquiry and the powerful interests affected by the various strands of the phone hacking saga, surely it is profoundly naive to expect a fully transparent and honest inquiry from Lord Leveson as being inevitable?

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