Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How genuine is the "popular uprising" in Libya?

David Cameron is selling his illegal military intervention in Libya as being on humanitarian grounds, in effect to protect a supposed "popular uprising" against Colonel Gaddafi.

But is that an accurate portrayal of the situation?

In Iraq the CIA and/or MI6 sought to induce Iraqi generals to defect against Saddam Hussein.

In Libya General el-Gatrani is prominent in the rebellion but his role is little discussed in the UK media.

In Afghanistan the US and UK supported the Northern Alliance against the Taliban.

Are there more similarities to Libya than David Cameron would have us believe?

In Libya there is undoubtedly an information gap, Libya: the information gap, or perhaps more accurately several gaps in our understanding of the situation.

To what degree is the situation in Libya genuinely a "popular uprising" and to what degree is it perhaps a Western-sponsored military coup?

I don't know. And I suspect that many others are in a similar position given the low levels of trust that many accord David Cameron.

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