Thursday, 15 April 2010

Is David Cameron "Botox boy"?

Yesterday, The Candidates’ Debate – Simon and Garfunkel got it right. We lose., I wrote about the Orwellian nature of the debate between the party leaders. Some candidates are more equal than others. It's an approach that doesn't belong in a genuine and mature democracy.

Today, I want to focus on an apparently trivial question, indeed a cosmetic question. Is David Cameron a Botox boy?

While I was watching the candidates' debate last night I was struck by the immobility of David Cameron's features.

At first I put it down to him being terrified, which he clearly was.

But, as the debate progressed, his terror seemed to ease but his face remained wooden.

He's a bit young to have Parkinson's disease, as an explanation for his facial immobility.

My hypothesis is that David Cameron uses Botox.

He is clearly vain. Did you notice the assiduous combover (held in place by hairspray?) in the brief camera shot which showed David Cameron's bald patch?

Wrinkles and bald patch convey aging. Not a concept that David Cameron currently wants to be associated with.

Does anyone know whether or not David Cameron is using Botox?

The use of Botox is a little more than skin deep. Do David Cameron's deceptions go deeper too?

What one can't argue with is that David Cameron is the Hyacinth Bucket of British politics. He works hard at keeping up appearances.


  1. I donj't mind him using Botox but I wish he'd use a bit of powder. I have to wear polaroid sunglasses to cut the glare.

  2. Did you not think Gordon's been using something to tighten his face up. He certainly wasn't as slack jawed as usual. Equally unpleasant to think that they will have put botox or facial toning on expenses.